I’m blessed with awesome co-workers

I work with a group of really amazing people. I say this because everyone I work with is really talented and brilliant, but also because on Friday I came into work to find a Christmas gift from my co-workers wrapped with a bow on my office chair. My first longboard!


I grew up with a skateboard. It was solely transportation for me. And where I grew up in Morgan Hill, CA the street conditions did not lend well to skating. I recently bought a very short board with a Russ Pope design; although it’s aesthetically appealing the trucks and wheels on it suck for street skating. Or perhaps just suck period. I’ve attempted to skate the 2.5 miles to work a couple times and invariably I jump on the bus about half way there. I’ve been meaning to outfit it with more suitable trucks and wheels, but mostly I was planning/hoping to get a longboard.


Needless to say, I was touched and blown away when I was gifted a longboard from everyone at the office. Frickin’ sweet! 🙂 With my new board I ventured out and skated Mission Hills and Hillcrest this weekend..a few times.

If you look closely at my leg in the photo above you’ll detect evidence of my lack of experience.

4 thoughts on “I’m blessed with awesome co-workers

  1. You were warned not once but twice, "not to eat shit". I am glad to see you ignored the warning! Road Raspberries build character.

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