Packing for toddlers, old standbys, gadgets and free video podcasts for kids

I’m packing this evening for a flight to Duluth, MN with Tara, Ashby and Roe (still in Lake Superior in winter, as seen from Duluth i...uterus). We’re spending the next several days with Tara’s family north of Duluth on Lake Superior. It’s a four hour flight to Minneapolis and another forty minute flight to Duluth. What are we packing for Ashby?

  • Books – Ashby got some great new books from Roy, Steve and Brigette in the last couple days that I’m packing.
  • Silly puddy
  • Stickers
  • Crayons, coloring books, notebook
  • Little People
  • Snacks

These are our usual standbys and are capable of tiding Ashby over for hours. But, I’ve got some other goodies I’m excited about.

Tara and I got Ashby a Tag Reading System from Leapfrog. I’m super excited to work with her on phonics and reading with Tag. It has solid reviews. I already played with it tonight and downloaded the audio for another book I bought with the Tag  that didn’t come pre-loaded. It was quick and easy peasy. 🙂

Then I’m also preparing for the flight with the free video podcasts from Nick Jr and PBS. Yup, that’s right, free educational video podcasts for kids. We have a Philips 8.5” DVD player with iPod dock that is going to come in handy. And the following video podcasts are now loaded on my video iPod and ready to roll. PBS logo

I haven’t watched but a few of these yet, but it seems they’re mostly one to six minute excerpts from the show. Super Why is the full episode. By the way, I love the theme song for this show! Oh, and I couldn’t resist buying some Sponge Bob on iTunes. I know, Tara hates Sponge Bob too, but I think he’s awesome. And c’mon people. I grew up watching Tom and Jerry and Loony Tunes. I’ll bet you did too. That stuff is raw violence and brain rot with no redeeming quality.

Postscript- I love how I find my own photos using Zemanta, not on my Flickr account, but via Wikipedia. See first photo of Lake Superior.

3 thoughts on “Packing for toddlers, old standbys, gadgets and free video podcasts for kids

  1. Ashby is set for the trip. You got the goods going! Yay! She'll love it.

    And you're so right that the cartoons we grew up with are "raw violence and brain rot with no redeeming quality." haha. so true.

    Safe travels and best wishes to you, Tara, Ashby and Roe.


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