Fairytale of New York

Roy posted some fabulous sunset photos today at his blog. In the same post he writes:

This is apparently a very popular song in the UK during Christmas-time; it’s been on repeat for me today. A belated Merry Christmas to you all!

And embeds The above Pogues music video of “”Fairytale of New York”. I’m a huge Pogues fan. They’re so young in this video. I’ve seen them in concert a few times. In fact, the best show I’ve ever been to was The Pogues with Joe Strummer (RIP) standing in for Shane McGowan. Yes, sorry Joe Strummer was way better than Shane. It’s Joe @#$%ing Strummer. The show was at First Ave in Minneapolis.

I hadn’t seen this video in probably ten years. It makes me nostalgic. I think it does especially so because I’m currently in Duluth, MN. I moved here 15 years ago when I had just turned 18. I listened to the Pogues intensely back then and it was in 1995 (I think) that I saw the Pogues live for the first time.

The Pogues

I took this photo in 2006 at the Fillmore. I found it via
Zemanta, not at my Flickr account, but at Wikipedia. I love
when this happens.

Times were very different for me back then. I was broke. I mean broke. Not a dime to my name, I was briefly homeless. My only possessions were a few boxes of books, some notebooks for writing, a backpack and sleeping bag for camping. I remember I slept on duct taped couch cushions on the floor for a couple years. My furniture was constructed from Leinenkugel cases. It was actually a happy time for me. I was only concerned with getting laid, reading, writing, backpacking and camping. All of which were enjoyed in abundance. 

I’m of the mind one should “Remember, Be Here Now.” So, no. I do not miss this time of life, but it’s nice to reflect on who I was then and the firends I had. Many of which are still good friends. In fact, I’ll be seeing one of these old friends, Scott Graden, later today. Scott owns Scenic Cafe, which is probably the best restaurant in northern Minnesota.

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  1. I'm not mentioned in this post and I was the young lady who asked you out when you were poor and homeless. 🙂

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