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Sush New Year's Eve 2009Welcome to 2009. Happy new year. Tara and I spent our New Year’s Eve in our traditional manner, with me making sushi and us relaxing.

I’m psyched for the new year. I’m confident and excited about the prospects for my professional life this year. More importantly, Rosevelt (my future son) is due March 8. Given how active Roe has been in Tara’s belly I’m guessing he’ll be here a week or two sooner. Also, Ashby turns three January 6th. She’s been going on and on about wanting her own computer; so I think I’ll be getting here the Leapfrog Clickstart. If a reader has a suggestion please let me know.

I’m just finishing reading “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”. Thank you Miiko for the suggestion. It has been a fantastic read. Ratey layers medical, psychiatric and psychological research atop his own anecdotal evidence. The Cover of focus of the book is on rewiring the brain with physical exercise. As such, this book, and Tara, have inspired me to join Tara’s running group, West Coast Road Runners, which is intended to prepare one for running the Rock & Roll Marathon. In 6 months the program works you up to a 20 mile.

I don’t intend to run the full Rock & Roll this July, maybe the half. Primarily my interest in joining the running group is to diminish the negative effects my ADHD has on my life; both personal and professional. “Spark” offers compelling medical evidence that regular exercise provides significant benefits to folks like myself with ADHD. Moreover, when I’ve exercised regularly in the past I experienced a significant difference in my ability to focus, organize and relax that i simply wasn’t completely cognizant of until reading “Spark” and reflected.

In summary: read “Spark”. It just may change your life in 2009. 🙂

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  1. Aaron – Uh oh, exercise and re-wiring the brain? That might actually get me to get off my keister and exercise! 🙂 I can't see running a full marathon – although my sister-in-law ran the NYC Marathon in 2008, and had a heck of an experience. Regardless of what you attempt, exercise is good for the brain – heck, in our line of work, the brain is a pretty important muscle to exercise, eh?


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