This Week: 34 Miles Biked, 8 Miles Run

Ride to work.While I’m sorting out this problem with my leg I’ve been biking a lot and taking it easy on the running. West Coast Roadrunners ran 10 miles today. I think I wisely decided to rest this one and opted for a 20 mile bike ride through San Diego. It was amazing. Hillcrest to Point Loma’s Liberty Station, along the harbor, looped shelter island, to Seaport Village, past the ballpark, through Balboa Park, past the Hillcrest farmers market and then home. It was a gorgeous day. I intend to do another 20 miles tomorrow, but this time I think I’ll head out to Pacific Beach ans. I’ll be sure to bring my camera.

2 thoughts on “This Week: 34 Miles Biked, 8 Miles Run

  1. Thanks man. I'm nothing special. It's surprisingly easy. I started the year barely able to run 2 miles. Our bodies are amazing things. We're built to do long distance running.

  2. You know most people would think 8 miles in a week was rough. Good job this week.

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