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Roesevelt David FulkersonI keep getting invited to Google Wave even though I’ve had an account for months. It seems others are inviting me with different email addresses than the one I have registered with Wave. I can’t add my other emails though and Wave is disconnected even from my Google profile. 😦 Lame.

I have been asked many times for my thoughts on Google Wave. Here are just a couple:

  • IRC moved up stack. Google Wave is essentially no different from what we’ve been doing with IRC and TKL bots for a very very long time. This doesn’t diminish it. To the contrary.
  • Google Wave is crappy email. Because there is hardly anyone using it.
  • Google Wave is crappy instant messaging. See the last point. Also, it doesn’t notify users of a message other than through the web interface, which I rarely log into.

As Jevon wrote to me, in a Wave, “if [Google Wave] had email notifications it would be more useful”. Oh the irony.

Don’t get me wrong. Google Wave is interesting. Primarily because of the underlying protocol and architecture. I am certain that if Google throws enough money at Wave, and I suspect they will, they will develop it into an important and useful technology.

Ping me with your email address if you want a Google Wave invite. If you’re already on Wave feel free to add me. I am AaronRoe At GoogleWave Dot com

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  1. I couldn’t agree more Aaron. These are the main issues with the product now. Instead of an email ping, they need to have a desktop and/or mobile ping. Less email is a good thing.

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