4 Reason why I <3 Amazon.com

If you know me, you already know I’m a huge Amazon.com fan. I love the service, but here are four reasons other than it being the best online store evAR.

Reason number one. Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder:

Jeff is awesome. Cheerful, smart, down-to-earth, funny. He is just an awesome guy.

Reason number two. I love my Kindle. It’s magical. Thanks again for the awesome birthday present Steve.

Reason number three.

I <3 Amazon

Right, that is Werner Vogel, the CTO of Amazon, fielding support on Twitter. By the way, Werner is another guy who is a brilliant person and also very cheerful and friendly.

Reason number four. Finally, I love Amazon.com because a few of their lovely and wise executives have referred business to MindTouch. Including some big customers like The Washington Post.

Thanks for being kick ass Amazon.com.

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