Portland, Maine

Aaron Roe Fulkerson

I visited Portland, Maine for the inaugural Monktoberfest conference put on by Red Monk. This was billed as beer and technology conference. The event was excellent. Superlative and accomplished attendees and equally impressive beers.

I arrived the day before the event on the red eye from San Diego. I had a horrible flight experience and I didn’t sleep because I was so aggravated. I didn’t want to waste the day so I checked into the hotel and got my running shoes on and hit the road.

I set out to do a 3 mile run. From my hotel I ran along East Promenade. The wind was fierce, about 30 mph. I ran all the way to the Back Bay and ended up making it into a 7 mile run.  Portland is gorgeous and as I ran I shot photos on my iPhone.


Jogging Maine @Monktoberfest.

When Tara and I run the solar eclipse adventure marathon in Port Douglas Australia next year I’ll need a small camera that shoots better than my iPhone.