Women in Technology International: Diane Pozefsky

Photo by my 2 year old son Roe
Last week I attended the Women in Technology International (WITI) award conference to seen one my Professors, Diane Pozefsky, was receiving the 2011 WITI Hall of Fame award. Diane had a huge impact on me and was even helpful in getting MindTouch started. She gave me invaluable advice in those early days just before we started MindTouch.  Also, she prepared me with her excellent course in Software Engineering for the work place. Thanks Dpoz.

I arrived at the Doubletree in San Jose a few hours before the award ceremony. Being early, I sat in the lobby and used the opportunity to get work done. Obviously the conference is 90% females. I was surprised to notice an odd number of these females checking me out when they walked by me between sessions.

Later at the awards dinner I sat down and realized my shirt had been unbuttoned half way down my chest the entire time! ACK! I have a large tattoo on my chest and I’m certain I looked like a total sleazebag cruising the conference for laaaaaadies…

Congrats Diane!